The most convenient axis 1 hoop on the market: Easy Ring

The most convenient axis 1 hoop on the market: Easy Ring

Attachment of robot protection covers: a new innovation from ASP Protection for the axis 1 hoop, the new easy ring.

ASP Protection’s R&D department is constantly seeking to improve robot covers and accessories, such as the axis 1 hoop, offered to customers.

Moreover, the steel axis 1 ring are used to attach the robot protection cover. Sturdy enough for a person to stand on without any issues, but they have the drawback of being heavy to handle. For the past 2 years, ASP Protection’s engineers and technicians have been working on a major evolution of this axis 1 ring. Now made of aluminum, the new Easy Ring, International patent application No. PCT/EP2023/077401, are just as strong and, more importantly, much lighter. They are therefore easier to handle and transport.

Indeed, the new Easy Ring is octagonal in shape, but no worries: existing covers fit perfectly. They easily attach to it. Designed for Easy range protection covers, the Easy Ring has many other advantages:

  • The octagon fits within the diameter of the steel ring and can easily substitute for a classic ring. Without hindering the process.
  • Grooves in the profile allow for the adaptation of various types of parts (air hoses, etc.).
  • Can be delivered with anti-tear or anti-pocket plates to prevent material accumulation in the folds of the protection cover.

Delivered pre-assembled on-site, the Easy Ring can be attached to your robot in less than 15 minutes.

For more information, contact your sales representative or call 03 83 22 88 55.

ASP is referenced on the UR+ website

ASP is referenced on the UR+ website

Oneseam covers for UNIVERSAL ROBOTS cobots

For more than 30 years, ASP has been innovating to provide quality protective covers for robots of all sizes, and in the most aggressive environments.

ASP’s reputation has gone beyond borders! Find us now on the UR+ platform of the famous Danish manufacturer Universal Robots.

Come and discover our OneSeam Basic or Performance cover dedicated to cobotics, available for most cobots in the UR range.

Thanks to UNIVERSAL ROBOT for their trust!

M1 classification of the ASP technical fabrics

M1 classification of the ASP technical fabrics


Some industrial robots evolve in extreme conditions, subjected to heat and / or hot or even incandescent projections. ASP has created specific covers for them, made of M1 classified fabric: they are non-flammable. Explanations…

French standard (NF) for reaction to fire

In fire safety, reaction to fire is characterised by the way a material will behave as combustible. It is defined by 2 criteria:

  • Combustibility: quantity of heat emitted by the complete combustion of the material
  • Flammability: amount of flammable gas emitted by the material

According to standard NF P. 92.507, these 2 criteria fall into 5 categories, from M0 (the most difficult to ignite) to M4 (the most easily inflammable). Materials classified M0 will hardly ignite while materials M4 will ignite very quickly.

Classification M1 and M0 of ASP fabrics

ASP has 10 different technical fabrics, respecting the classification M1 or M0. They are mainly used for the design of protective covers for robots in the automotive and aeronautic industries, in the forge and foundry.

Body assembly and welding

The shoeing activity in the automotive industry requires protective covers resistant to welding spatter.  Based on aramid, the technical fabrics used provide excellent mechanical resistance for arc welding, spot or laser welding, and durably protect from splashes.

housse protection robot cover ferrage ignifuge plastron poignet ASP eulmont

Wrist cover in Tiffon-R

ASP has also developed a cover system for CMC (Clever Modular Concept – patented solution). The welding gun protection are protected by two technical fabrics classified M1:

  • Texalis, fabric coated on two sides, one of which in aluminized rubber, constitutes the body of the cover
  • Cardel, which has a green elastomeric face, has a high resistance to sparks. It constitutes the plastron (thickness 2mm)

In addition, these 2 aramid-based fabrics are guaranteed to be silicone and halogen-free, and are tear-resistant.

housse protection robot cover ferrage ignifuge plastron pince cmc ASP eulmont

Welding gun cover

Protections in the automotive industry

ASP propose également à ses clients de l’industrie automobile des housses de protection de véhicules fabriquées en Covel (un tissu technique orange classé M1 doublé d’un élastomère noir) ou en ELIT2. Sans silicone, il offre une très bonne protection contre les impacts, et bien sûr les projections chaudes accidentelles. La housse véhicule est fabriquée sur-mesure pour assurer une efficacité maximum aux opérateurs.






ASP improves the twist lock fasteners for fixing covers to the robots

ASP improves the twist lock fasteners for fixing covers to the robots

The ASP protective covers are stowed on the robot at the ring of axis 1 using a system called “twist lock fastener”. The twist lock fasteners are fixed on the ring and go in the eyelets of the cover and finally are being locked to hold the cover in place.

Old model of twist lock fastener                                                                                                                                                         Cover fixed on the ring of axis 1


The new twist lock fasteners of the protective covers

ASP now uses high quality twist lock fasteners. Made of brass, they do not rust, are stronger and the support is more stable. The covers are therefore now equipped with these new twist lock fasteners, recognizable by their color.

The old model of twist lock fastener (silver) and the new model (brassy)                                                                                      The new model of twist lock fastener in fixing up process


If you are renewing an ASP cover, we recommend you to change the twist lock fasteners. We will send you a bag containing the new brass twist lock fasteners free of charge. The change is simple and requires only few tools.

Of course the ASP team is at your disposal in case of any help required.