ASP services


ASP stands out for its capacity for innovation and invention. The company has a special research and development (R&D) unit that enables it to design cutting-edge fabrics, accessories and protection systems to meet the specific needs of our customers.
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To help you install your jackets, ASP offers an assembly service, which guarantees that the covers and accessories included in the solution are perfectly fitted. Our fitter will also give you instructions on how to make the most of your suit.


To keep your robot suits in good working order, ASP offers you its "repair service". Once your jackets have been received in our workshop and cleaned to facilitate expert appraisal, our specialists will send you a quotation indicating the nature and cost of the repairs. Once we have received your acceptance, your cover is repaired and returned to you. If necessary, modifications can be made to make your suit even more reliable. We also keep a history of all repairs carried out on your jacket, to make it easier to track future returns.
Similarly, we do not repair only ASP covers and will confirm with you the possibility of repairing covers from other manufacturers