Protective covers for KAWASAKI robots

ASP protects industrial robots of all brands, including KAWASAKI robots. KAWASAKI offers robots with payloads ranging from 3 kg to 1,500 kg. Due to the diversity of the industrial robot range, KAWASAKI robots can be used in a variety of industrial sectors such as aeronautics, the automotive industry, the food industry, logistics, etc.

What types of KAWASAKI robot protection does ASP manufacture?

ASP manufactures protective covers for all common types of KAWASAKI robots, such as:

  • Protection for small and medium-sized robots up to 80 kg: RS Series
  • Protective covers for large robots up to 300 kg: BX Series, BT Series, BXP Series, ZX Series
  • Extra-large robots up to 1,500 kg: M Series, MX Series, MG Series
  • Double-arm collaborative robots: duAro Series
  • Palletizing robots: CP Series, RD Series
  • Picking robots: YF Series
  • Protective enclosures for medical and pharmaceutical robots: MC/S Series
  • Protection for welding robots: BA Series, RA Series
  • Covers for BU Series sealing robots
  • Protection systems for explosion-proof robots: K Series F/J
  • Wafer-handling robots: NTJ Series, TTJ Series

For these specific applications with a KAWASAKI robot, ASP can develop tailor-made solutions for all loads in each respective application and industry.

Our experienced technical advisors work closely with you throughout the development process to create a robotic protection system tailored to the specific cable configuration, control equipment, rotational movements and positions of your KAWASAKI industrial robot.

Advantages of ASP protective covers for Kawasaki robots

ASP protective suits are particularly beneficial in challenging work environments where the robot is exposed to elements such as dust, particles, intense heat, and cold. They provide protection to the sensitive parts of the robot, thereby reducing wear and maintenance costs.

By collaborating with you, we can design custom protection solutions tailored to your business and manufacture them in our workshops. All our protective suits are made with high-quality technical materials, ensuring optimal durability for industrial use.

Reduce maintenance costs for your Kawasaki industrial robots with protective robot covers.

By using ASP protective covers, you can reduce the stress imposed on your KAWASAKI robot, increase its operating lifespan and prolong its service life.

blue robot cover for Kawasaki robot