ASP is referenced on the UR+ website

ASP is referenced on the UR+ website

Oneseam covers for UNIVERSAL ROBOTS cobots

For more than 30 years, ASP has been innovating to provide quality protective covers for robots of all sizes, and in the most aggressive environments.

ASP’s reputation has gone beyond borders! Find us now on the UR+ platform of the famous Danish manufacturer Universal Robots.

Come and discover our OneSeam Basic or Performance cover dedicated to cobotics, available for most cobots in the UR range.

Thanks to UNIVERSAL ROBOT for their trust!

Best wishes from ASP

Best wishes from ASP

After another outstanding year, we would like to thank you for your trust and loyalty.

In 2022, ASP will propose ever more innovation for you, notably with the launch on the market in January of “TERSILAC”, a fabric resisting temperatures higher than 1,000 °C and the entry into service of a new production tool.

All the team at ASP wish you an excellent year 2022, rich with many lovely collaboration projects.

Together, let’s continue to move forwards!

A significant change for ASP

A significant change for ASP

This year, ASP is celebrating its 32 years of existence! On the strength of its past experience and recognised know-how ASP is now located in several European countries and it is focused in developing a way to meet the international customers’ needs.

This is why the time has come for ASP to update its identity to bring into line with its ambitions. The General Meeting held in September 2020 endorsed an important change: “ASP – Atelier Systèmes de Protection” becomes

“ASP – Advanced Systems of Protection”.

This new name informs better in what ASP can support users of robots. It highlight our capacity to innovate and create technologically “advanced” solutions. It also aims to be the link between the history when ASP created the first robot cover and the actual current high-tech solutions. It won’t create any disruption in our customer relationship. It will therefore continue to be synonymous with competence and performance, while consolidating our identity and strengthening our international presence under a single brand.

The new ASP logo associated with this change of name will be deployed on all our communication material with a new graphic design.

This “seamless change” symbolises a fresh impetus in ASP’s development, a rebound to a future that is both ambitious and shared.

For any further information, you can contact your account manager or fill out the contact form.



ASP: volunteers to fight against the Covid-19

ASP: volunteers to fight against the Covid-19

The production of medical protection equipment back to France has not been won yet. But the expertise of French industrial companies is no longer to be proven.

Medical gowns for the hospital of Nancy

At the end of March, facing the critical situation and the distress calls from the medical environment, ASP leaders put themselves in contact with the university hostpital of Nancy to offer their help: the hospital was looking for regional companies capable of manufacturing gowns for medical staff.

ASP was then in the process of adapting its services to better manage the effects of the health crisis and preserve the health of employees. The suspension of the production of covers decided on March 19 had placed some employees in partial activity; others were teleworking to continue advancing on pending cases. At the same time, since March 23, some employees have already been manufacturing category 2 masks in conjunction with the Alsace Textile Pole.

A volunteer team facing the coronavirus

For this mission to support caregivers, management had the objective of being at the lowest cost. Only the “cut” raw material will therefore be invoiced to the Nancy University Hospital at cost price, the preparation being provided thanks to the volunteer work of ASP staff, outside production hours. Half of the company’s workforce volunteered to support this process, while emergencies in France were under the pressure of the pandemic.

A smoothly conducted affair

We contacted one of our suppliers to find a fabric which corresponds to the specifications linked to the manufacturing of gowns. The available color, orange, was accepted by the CHU. 5 prototypes were produced to validate the series. Then the “start” was given!

In shift, the volunteers, dressmakers of course but also administrative, commercial staff, technicians or even managers take turns to assemble, control and then pack the gowns, all in strict compliance with the health protocol to guarantee non-compliance contamination of delivered equipment.

Thus, after working hours or Saturdays, between 150 and 250 over-blouses are produced by each team. The target is to deliver 6,000 pieces in total.

The return of CHU staff is very positive and our teams are proud to contribute to this national surge of support for our caregivers.

Mask Covid-19 : ASP is mobilised

Mask Covid-19 : ASP is mobilised

When on the 17th of March, Pole Textile Alsace invited their members to participate in the production of masks, we immediately replied with a big “yes”.

Mask production : Challenge taken up !

A real cooperation has been set up with the Pôle Textile Alsace, to support the community. The Pôle proposed the model of the mask that had just been approved to reach the Afnor standards and brought together the raw materials. For our part, we have implemented the procedures published by the Pole Textile Alsace in order to respect the barrier gestures during the reception of the fabric, but also during assembly and packaging the production till the shipment. We had to be ready as soon as possible in order to protect our employees and to guarantee the best sanitary quality for the produced masks.
The ASP team showed great responsiveness when the company had to adapt itself to the lockdown by making staff working from home or on part-time. But the challenge is taken up! Since the first batch n ° 001, started on March 24, we have produced more than 27,000 masks! And each week, the production continues for the Pole Textile Alsace with 4,000 new masks.

Masks washable dozens of times, and recyclable!

It is our practice to use high quality fabrics and to respond to a client’s specific problems. We apply the same rule of conduct with these protective face masks: washable at more than 60 °, they are reusable several dozen times and fully recyclable at the end of their life! For non-sanitary use (category 2 masks), they are intended to protect professionals who are not in contact with the general public (work colleagues for example). They filter 84.9% of 3 micron particles and can be worn for 4 hours.


If you wish to order these masks of category 2 for your personnel, you will find the procedure to follow on the website of Pôle Textile Alsace.

we are back on track

we are back on track

Dear Valued Customer,

On the 19th of March, we have informed you by email about the suspension of our activity.

Since the COVID-19 crisis hit our region (and all the world), travel restrictions have been set up by the government and some companies have decided to stop their business.

Therefore, those events couldn’t allow us to continue the production or the shipments and penalised the quality of our services.

So far, the employees who could work from home were doing it when it was possible.
We have analysed our operation and reorganised our business by applying, in all our departments, the health recommendations related to COVID-19. It includes social distancing, hygiene, cleanliness and mask wearing. Our goal is to guarantee the safety conditions of our staff and to provide quality services.

Today, we believe that the strict sanitary procedures implemented in our company, as well as the commitment of our subcontractors, allow us to support you in restarting the activity step by step.

Glad to be back at work and to reactivate our activity we have restarted shipping orders from Wednesday April 27 for at least 15 days (unless there is no new condition limitation). You will also have access to commercial support via the sales administration (by phone: 03 83 22 88 55 or mail:, present on site in the mornings from 8:00 to 12:00 or via your usual sales representative (by mail or phone).

We know that the return to “normal” is not for now, but long journeys always start with a first step and we have decided to make this first step.
We count on your understanding and your loyalty in order to make this return of activity as a common and shared success.

Very warmly.

Management and sales team.

Continue to take care of yourself and your family, and apply social distancing.

Shipping orders

From April 27

Commercial support

on site from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
via your sales representative (by mail or phone)