Protective cover for Yaskawa robot

For more than three decades, ASP has been protecting industrial robots made by all manufacturers from the stresses of industrial environments. Many such robots are produced by the Japanese manufacturer Yaskawa, which supplies not only conventional robots, but also cobots, handling robots, painting robots, palletizing robots, pick-and-place robots, as well as welding and cutting robots.

Which YASKAWA robots can be equipped with ASP protective covers?

Throughout its long history, ASP has already protected nearly all types of YASKAWA robots. This includes:

  • Protective enclosures for HC series cobots (HC 10, HC 20, HC 30)
  • Suit for handling and assembly robots such as the GP series (GP4, GP7, GP8, GP12, GP20, GP25, GP35, GP50, GP70, GP88, GP110, GP120, GP165, GP180, GP200, GP215, GP300, GP400, etc.)
  • Dualarm robots from the SDA series
  • 7-axis robots from the SIA series
  • ASP also protects YASKAWA's MPX/MPO series painting robots
  • Palletizing robots from the PL series can also be protected (PL80, PL19-100, PL190, PL320, PL500, PL800)
  • The SG series pick-and-place robots can benefit from ASP's protection (SG400, SG650)
  • 4-axis Delta robots from the MPP series (MPP3H, MPP3S)
  • The MPK series 5-axis robots, for example, in the food industry
  • Welding robots from the AR, GA, and SP series

No matter which YASKAWA robot you want to protect, our experienced team of technical designers can design an individual and durable protection solution, which will be manufactured in our workshops using state-of-the-art technologies.

Advantages of ASP protection solutions for different YASKAWA robots

YASKAWA robots can be protected against the following stresses:

  • Chips, dust, abrasive media
  • Moisture, water, oils, coolant fluids, etc.
  • Heat
  • Chemicals
  • Excessive spraying
  • Sandblasting
  • etc.

The durability of the robots, as well as maintenance costs, are reduced. ASP provides custom protection solutions for your YASKAWA robot.

Reduce handling costs for YASKAWA robots with ASP covers

ASP protective suits reduce wear and extend the lifespan of your robot. Additionally, they lower maintenance and repair costs.

Housse de protection pour robots industriels ASP eulmont cover