Easy robot guards:
simple and robust

ASP's Easy range offers the simplest and most effective way of protecting industrial robots against accidental or occasional splashing.

Robot protection for more traditional applications

Some industrial robots operate in environments with few constraints. Nevertheless, protecting them, particularly against occasional splashes (swarf, dust, lubricant, cutting oil, etc.) helps to reduce maintenance costs.

ASP's Easy range combines effective protection with ease of fitting and removal: fitting the cover is simple; removing it to service the robot is just as easy, with no need for special tools.

housse de protection robot soudage industriel ASP Eulmont
housse de protection robot soudage industriel ASP Eulmont

Fully protect the robot from its working environment

ASP's Easy suits generally cover the robot completely, but it is possible to protect only certain parts when the robot is subjected to local stress (axis 2, axis 3, wrist joint). The protection is fixed on specific dedicated axis 1 hoops to make it easier to hold the jacket in place, as well as to allow the first axis to rotate freely. The axis 1 skirt finish protects the robot base. If necessary, the seams are protected by heat-welded strips for an improved seal.

Custom "sleeve" protections to protect wiring harnesses and "Teach Pendant" covers are also available. The fabric used for these suits is carefully chosen based on the specific environment.



It is possible to use a fire-resistant fabric classified as M1, which can withstand temperatures ranging from 150°C to 1200°C (depending on the distance between the robot/process and the duration of exposure). Therefore, Easy range protections can be used on robots in forging, foundry, and aluminum foundry applications.

The protective robot covers are designed to be easy to handle.

The fitting and removal process is simple and fast, requiring minimal tools. The jackets have a Velcro opening running along their entire length, complemented by snap buttons or turnbuckles, enabling quick access to the robot's mechanics. Protective cushions facilitate the suit's movement over angular areas.

It is worth mentioning that ASP covers are repairable, providing an extended lifespan for the products.

housse de protection robot soudage industriel ASP Eulmont

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