3 ranges of ASP protective covers

All ASP protective covers are made to measure.

Our technicians visit the site to identify the characteristics of the robot and the fitted equipment to be protected. Our design office integrates these data with the industrial context: extreme temperatures, specific regulations (ATEX, silicone-free, etc.), space required, its environment, movements, projected materials, etc.

ASP makes up to 3,500 protective covers for industrial robots every month!

They come in 3 ranges.

The Easy range

offers simple, easy-to-install protection for optimum performance at process temperatures and against occasional splashing.

The Protect+ range

prevents seepage into the mechanics, particularly for robots with complex trajectories that are subjected to intense spraying in a confined space.

The Integral range

offers suits that are perfectly sealed from the environment: extreme temperatures and/or humidity, aggressive products, ATEX zones, ISO 3 or 5 cleanrooms, etc.


Fully aware of the specific needs of the automotive industry, ASP has developed Automotive Solutions: suits that are guaranteed silicone-free for plastic filler/paint shops, flame-retardant for fitting/welding, and resistant to intense production rates.

ASP also offers protective covers for vehicles and tools.

You want to extend the life of your robot