Integral robot protection
for the most extreme environments

ASP's Integral range provides complete isolation of a robot from its working environment, even in the most challenging conditions, such as temperatures and/or humidity outside the robot's operating range, exposure to aggressive substances, ATEX zones, ISO 3 or 5 cleanrooms, and more.

Similar to the Easy and Protect+ ranges, the ASP protective covers in the Integral range provide maximum sealing and flexibility, while accommodating the robots' movements. Like all ASP covers, the covers in the Integral range are also repairable, thus reducing maintenance costs and machine downtime.

Some industrial robots operate in highly demanding atmospheres.

housse de protection robot soudage industriel ASP Eulmont
housse de protection robot soudage industriel ASP Eulmont

Protection of robots in ATEX zones

All ATEX equipment must comply with the European Directive 2014/34/EU, which revises Directive 1994/9/CE. It sets "conditions for the manufacture and marketing of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres." The robot protections for ATEX zones comply with these regulations.

ASP's R&D department has developed a special fabric called TATEX. It is a polyester fabric coated on one side. It is "conductive" and compatible with groups II and III A, B, C. Covers made from TATEX are adapted to cabins certified for Zone 1 or 21 and can be delivered with ventilation/pressurization options, thus facilitating the implementation of the solution and further optimizing the level of protection. A grounding braid ensures that the cover is electrically neutral.

Cover for food processing robots

The food processing industry must guarantee impeccable hygiene for its products. Therefore, “no-food" robots must be totally isolated from the process by a sealed solution, and this suit must be made from a fabric that is certified for contact with foodstuffs (FDA or European standard xxx) and resistant to the industrial disinfectants used for "foam nozzle" cleaning.

housse de protection robot soudage industriel ASP Eulmont
housse de protection robot soudage industriel ASP Eulmont

An air handling system
specific to the Integral range

Protective suits in the Integral range are combined with an air handling system to keep the robot at operating temperatures and to eliminate condensation. Depending on the environment, different options are available to heat, cool or dry the air sent through the jacket. As a result, the robot can operate in an environment where the temperature varies from -40°C to +90°C. The rotating rings on axes 1 and 4 have a built-in air passage to ensure a supply of "fresh" air to sensitive areas. These ventilated covers are custom-designed: the customer's air network is characterized at the start of the project to define the parameters of the ventilation system. During on-site installation, the fan's capacity is validated to confirm that the airflow is correct, and the nominal settings are determined for optimum operation.

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