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Machining, painting, foundry, automotive, food…

The first ASP cover was created in 1988, for a sanding robot! Since then, ASP has been designing and producing made-to-measure covers for robots using specific and highly resistant materials.

Ever since, we have continuously improved our fabrics and concepts to offer a wide range of original and effective solutions for robotic applications. Each cover and component in the solution is studied on CAD systems by our technical team. ASP covers are made to measure and behave like genuine "safety workwear" or “protective clothing”. We implement cutting-edge technical research and state-of-the-art confection skills to roll out reliable, efficient and functional solutions.

ASP is now a benchmark company providing solutions for almost every model of robot, and can be found in all industrial processes.


Our commitment to quality

ASP covers are the result of more than 30 years of experience. From the protection of a few axes, to auxiliary axis integration, the developed solutions are modular, water resistant for washing chambers, and can be pressurized for complete robot protection.

Throughout the manufacturing process and in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, ASP applies extremely rigorous in-house procedures to inspect raw materials and monitor production tools, which are compatible with painting processes.


ASP, A leader in robot covers

ASP was founded in 1988, when robotics was in its infancy in industry, providing protection for the most hostile and polluted processes. For this reason, ASP is constantly devising and improving new and innovative solutions for robots to be used in diverse environments: foundry, forging, welding, painting, high-pressure deburring, climatic chambers, blast chambers, food industry… ASP’s concepts and range of protective covers rapidly made them frontrunners in robotic protection.

Today, thanks to our in-depth experience and our network of subsidiaries and partners, our products are available worldwide.