Protective cover for COMAU robot

Since 1988, ASP has established itself as the market leader in the field of industrial robot protection. Their ASP protective covers can be used on all well-known robot makes and models. ASP specializes in the manufacture of high-quality protective covers for COMAU robots. COMAU, a subsidiary of the automotive manufacturer Stellantis, offers a wide range of industrial robots adapted to different functions and industries.

Which COMAU robots can be protected by ASP robot covers?

ASP can protect all types of COMAU robots, such as:

  • SCARA robots from the Rebel S6 series.
  • Protective covers for small robots with a payload of 3/5/7 kg from the Racer 3, Racer 5 and Racer 7 series.
  • Tailor-made protective covers for the larger NS-12-16 series, with the corresponding payload.
  • The NJ 16/40/60/110/130/165/220/290/370/420/450/500/650 range from COMAU.
  • Protection for PAL 180-260-470 series palletizing robots.
  • Protective covers for NJ 130/165 press robots.
  • Protective enclosures for ARC 4-5 robots.
  • Protective covers for collaborative robots such as the Racer 5-0.80 Cobot or Aura.

These COMAU robots are used in a variety of industrial sectors and can be protected from wear and tear caused by dust, heat, humidity or paint mists thanks to ASP protective covers. We will work with you to develop a tailor-made protective robot cover that complies with your specific production and cycle conditions.

The advantages of an ASP cover

Certain elements can be extremely harmful to robots, whether they are highly polluting, aggressive, abrasive, or extremely hot. When particles penetrate the joints or come into contact with the surface of robots, such as robotic arms, six-axis robots, collaborative robots, or mobile robots, their functionality gradually deteriorates. However, thanks to the custom protection covers provided by ASP, the stresses imposed on different types of COMAU robots can be significantly reduced. This helps preserve the value and lifespan of your COMAU robot.

By performing precise on-site measurements with our specialists, we can precisely adapt the protection to the sensitive areas of the robot.

Reduce maintenance costs for your COMAU industrial robots with high-quality robot protection.

Replacing worn or damaged robot joints or gears is very expensive and also leads to production delays. To prevent this wear and the resulting loss of productivity, ASP protective suits are a cost-effective solution: maintenance and servicing costs are reduced, and the downtime of your protected robots is increased.

Housse de protection pour robots industriels ASP eulmont cover