Protective cover for ABB robots

For over 35 years, ASP has designed protective covers for industrial robots from all manufacturers on the market, including ABB robots. In particular, we have produced tailor-made protective covers for ABB's 6-axis robots in various industrial sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, metallurgy and construction.


ABB Robotics is a major player in robotics and machine automation, offering a wide range of robots with different load capacities and reach. Their robots are used in many industrial sectors.

Which ABB robots can be protected with ASP protective covers?

ASP offers complete protection for all types of ABB robots, including:

  • Protective covers for ABB 6-axis robots in the IRB 1000, IRB 2000, IRB 4000, IRB 5000, IRB 6000 and IRB 7000 series.
  • Protective covers for ABB palletizing robots (4-axis robots) such as the IRB 460, IRB 660 or IRB 760.
  • Protective enclosures for Scara robots such as the IRB 910SC, IRB 910INV and IRB 920.
  • Disposable covers for ABB painting robots such as the IRB 52, IRB 5350, IRB 5500 and IRB 5510 series.
  • Protection for delta robots such as the IRB 360, IRB 365 and IRB 390.
  • Collaborative robots (Cobots) such as the GoFa, Swifti CRB1100, CRB1300 and YuMi can also benefit from ASP protection.
  • ASP can also provide protective enclosures for ABB's Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).

Each type of ABB robot can benefit from protection tailored to its specific application.

During a commitment-free on-site visit, we will examine the details of your application to design a bespoke protection solution for your ABB robots, ensuring their long-term protection.

The advantages of ASP covers


ASP protective robot suits are designed to reduce wear and tear on your ABB robot in various situations, such as:

  • The use of abrasive elements such as polishing agents.
  • Adverse climatic conditions requiring protection against heat or robot suits for climatic chambers.
  • Exposure to moisture, dust, paint, glue, and other substances.

As a result, the replacement intervals for the protection covers are extended, and maintenance costs are reduced. Additionally, this helps avoid production downtime.

Our technical engineers have in-depth knowledge of the dimensions of each type of ABB robot, enabling them to create custom protective covers for 6-axis robots, palletizing robots, Scara robots, delta robots, cobots, and autonomous robots from ABB.

We can also adapt additional metal parts to further enhance the functionality of your robot. We conduct a detailed analysis of all specifications during our site visit.

Reduce maintenance costs for your ABB industrial robots with protective robot covers.

In today's automated world, the use of industrial robots has become commonplace, even in the manufacturing of robots themselves. To ensure extended lifespan and high productivity for robots while reducing maintenance and repair costs, the use of optimized ASP protective covers is highly effective.

Housse de protection pour robots industriels ASP eulmont cover