KUKA Robot Protective Cover

As a manufacturer of high-quality robot covers, we protect robots from all popular brands such as FANUC, ABB, Kawasaki and Yaskawa. We also design and manufacture suits for KUKA robots.

Headquartered in Augsburg, KUKA is regarded as one of the world's leading manufacturers of robots and automation companies, offering solutions for the automotive, electronics, healthcare, retail and e-commerce industries, among others.

For which KUKA robots does ASP manufacture protective covers?

ASP manufactures robot covers for all common types of KUKA robots, such as:

  • Protective covers for KUKA robots in the KR AGILUS series (compact six-axis robots, KR 4 R600, KR 6 R700-2, etc.).
  • Protective covers for industrial robots in the KR SCARA series (KR 12 R750 Z400, KR 12 R650 Z340 CR, etc.)
  • Protective covers for KUKA robots in the FORTEC series: KR 360, 500, 600 FORTEC, as well as for robot models such as KR 340 R3330, KR 420 R3080, KR 360 R2830 C, KR 500 R2830 MT-F, etc.
  • Protective covers for KR CYBERTECH nano series robots (KR 6, KR 8, etc.)
  • Protective enclosures for KUKA linear robots/gantry robots (from KR 16L to KR 600L)
  • etc.

To ensure that the protective cover for your KUKA robot is flexible, has a custom-fit and is adapted to all the movements, resting positions and the specific features of your production processes, we come to your site to manufacture the ideal robot protection for you.

The advantages of a protective cover for KUKA robots

A robot protected by ASP offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Reduced maintenance costs and minimized downtime.
  • A suit that protects the mechanics of your KUKA robot and prevents particles from getting into the joints and axes, as well as damage from dust, welding spatter, heat, moisture, etc.
  • Comprehensive protection or protective covers for robot components (robotic arm, axes 4-6, etc.).
  • Manufacture of protective covers for KUKA robots without safety barriers for human-robot collaboration, this providing space-saving benefits.
Housse de protection pour robots industriels ASP eulmont cover