ASP improves the twist lock fasteners for fixing covers to the robots

The ASP protective covers are stowed on the robot at the ring of axis 1 using a system called “twist lock fastener”. The twist lock fasteners are fixed on the ring and go in the eyelets of the cover and finally are being locked to hold the cover in place.

Old model of twist lock fastener                                                                                                                                                         Cover fixed on the ring of axis 1


The new twist lock fasteners of the protective covers

ASP now uses high quality twist lock fasteners. Made of brass, they do not rust, are stronger and the support is more stable. The covers are therefore now equipped with these new twist lock fasteners, recognizable by their color.

The old model of twist lock fastener (silver) and the new model (brassy)                                                                                      The new model of twist lock fastener in fixing up process


If you are renewing an ASP cover, we recommend you to change the twist lock fasteners. We will send you a bag containing the new brass twist lock fasteners free of charge. The change is simple and requires only few tools.

Of course the ASP team is at your disposal in case of any help required.