The most convenient axis 1 hoop on the market: Easy Ring

Attachment of robot protection covers: a new innovation from ASP Protection for the axis 1 hoop, the new easy ring.

ASP Protection’s R&D department is constantly seeking to improve robot covers and accessories, such as the axis 1 hoop, offered to customers.

Moreover, the steel axis 1 ring are used to attach the robot protection cover. Sturdy enough for a person to stand on without any issues, but they have the drawback of being heavy to handle. For the past 2 years, ASP Protection’s engineers and technicians have been working on a major evolution of this axis 1 ring. Now made of aluminum, the new Easy Ring, International patent application No. PCT/EP2023/077401, are just as strong and, more importantly, much lighter. They are therefore easier to handle and transport.

Indeed, the new Easy Ring is octagonal in shape, but no worries: existing covers fit perfectly. They easily attach to it. Designed for Easy range protection covers, the Easy Ring has many other advantages:

  • The octagon fits within the diameter of the steel ring and can easily substitute for a classic ring. Without hindering the process.
  • Grooves in the profile allow for the adaptation of various types of parts (air hoses, etc.).
  • Can be delivered with anti-tear or anti-pocket plates to prevent material accumulation in the folds of the protection cover.

Delivered pre-assembled on-site, the Easy Ring can be attached to your robot in less than 15 minutes.

For more information, contact your sales representative or call 03 83 22 88 55.