Unrivalled technical expertise to protect your robot

With over 35 years of experience, ASP boasts unparalleled expertise in the design, production, and installation of protective covers for industrial robots and welding clamps.

Tailor-made Technical Textiles

We utilize cutting-edge technical textiles to provide high-quality protection. Our suits are made from specially selected fabrics that can withstand the most challenging conditions. These specific technical fabrics are perfectly compatible with all industry processes. Moreover, the custom design offers maximum efficiency without restricting robot movements.

Some examples include:

  • TEXALIS / CARDEL / TIFFON GREEN: Halogen-free covers
  • TELUPRO 22 / TORTOP B+ / TEXPRAL B+ / FPB: Silicone-free
  • Sheaths / TTY / TELUPRO 22 / TORTOP B+: ATEX paint certification
  • TEXPRAL B+ / T1A / FPB: Agri-food certification.

Optimized Installation

Our expertise goes beyond the design and manufacturing of suits ; we also focus on optimizing their installation. We understand the importance of proper setup to provide effective protection. Our qualified team takes care of fitting the jacket on your robot, ensuring it fits perfectly and is securely fastened. This guarantees that your robot is fully covered, thereby reducing the risks of damage or breakdown due to improper use.

In order to minimize the maintenance costs of your industrial robot and protect its rotational axes from damage from welding splatters, dust, as well as extreme heat or cold, ASP develops protection solutions for robots in various industrial fields.

ASP will visit your location to discuss and agree on the best protection solution with you. We will also gather the necessary technical information that will aid in the design and manufacturing of the protective covers. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how our you can benefit from our expertise.

We are here to help you

to extend the life of your covers for optimal and long-lasting protection of your robots.