How to install an ASP protective cover on an industrial robot?

Our protective covers are specially designed by our team so that they can be easily installed by you. Our company uses various methods to secure the suit, such as Velcro, snap buttons, turnbuckles, and clamps. These methods are easy to implement and are well-suited to keeping the suit in place on the robot, even during rotations or complex trajectories. Their custom dimensions ensure a perfect fit and optimal protection for your robot. A fitting guide is also provided, indicating the placement of different elements (Velcro, clamps, cushions, etc.).

housse de protection robot soudage industriel ASP Eulmont

For which range do we need an assembly service to install a robot cover?

ASP offers several product ranges: Easy, Protect+, and Integral. Each of these ranges corresponds to a different environment with varying levels of technology. For instance, an Integral range cover is equipped with a fan to eliminate moisture, whereas the Easy solution consists of simply the suit and possibly the axis 1 hoop.

All these ranges allow the robot to operate in processes that could potentially damage it. Our protection acts as a barrier between the environment and the robot.

The Oneseam and Easy ranges can be installed by the customer, by following the instructions provided in the mounting guide. Our assembly technician can also provide this service to ensure an optimized installation.

However, for the Protect+ and Integral ranges, we highly recommend using our assembly service. The technical complexity of these two solutions requires specific expertise, and adjustments and settings are required to ensure that the solution operates optimally. For the Integral range, our technicians conduct airtightness tests under extreme conditions to ensure an optimal setting of the air handling system. A non-compliant installation could lead to damage to the suit and even to your robots.

As experts, ASP can guide you in your choice. Do not hesitate to contact us or ask your sales representative for information about the complexity of the installation.

When should an assembly service be called in and why?

Our assembly service is provided by our qualified and specially trained assembly technician who is experienced in installing the jacket on the robot. We strongly recommend using our assembly service for the Protect+ and Integral ranges. This expert possesses in-depth knowledge of the specific elements of each robot brand, which means they can achieve a perfectly tailored installation.

By entrusting the installation to us, you ensure maximum protection offered by the cover, without the risk of improper use. A hasty or inadequate installation could negatively impact the robot, preventing it from being fully insulated from the processes and potentially leading to premature wear of the suit.

Feel free to contact us to take advantage of our assembly service, for a quick and efficient installation process.