A significant change for ASP

This year, ASP is celebrating its 32 years of existence! On the strength of its past experience and recognised know-how ASP is now located in several European countries and it is focused in developing a way to meet the international customers’ needs.

This is why the time has come for ASP to update its identity to bring into line with its ambitions. The General Meeting held in September 2020 endorsed an important change: “ASP – Atelier Systèmes de Protection” becomes

“ASP – Advanced Systems of Protection”.

This new name informs better in what ASP can support users of robots. It highlight our capacity to innovate and create technologically “advanced” solutions. It also aims to be the link between the history when ASP created the first robot cover and the actual current high-tech solutions. It won’t create any disruption in our customer relationship. It will therefore continue to be synonymous with competence and performance, while consolidating our identity and strengthening our international presence under a single brand.

The new ASP logo associated with this change of name will be deployed on all our communication material with a new graphic design.

This “seamless change” symbolises a fresh impetus in ASP’s development, a rebound to a future that is both ambitious and shared.

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