To give a second life to your old covers, we offer a “repair service”. Once we have received your covers in our workshops and after cleaning them to facilitate their assessment, our specialists will send you a quote explaining the nature and cost of the repairs. After receiving your approval, your covers are repaired and returned to you. If needed, we can make some changes to your covers to improve them. To facilitate follow-up if you return your covers again in the future, we keep a history of all repairs.

We can even repair covers from other manufacturers. So do not hesitate to contact us!

reparation housse protection robot cover asp eulmont


To assist you in fitting your covers, ASP offers an assembly service, which guarantees that the covers and accessories included in the solution will be properly fitted. Our technician also gives you recommendations to make the most of your cover.

Customer support

Your covers and accessories are perfectly adapted to your requirements. If you want additional information about your articles, do not hesitate to contact us by indicating the item numbers so that we can identify the file containing all the technical information.