Window robot protection
Patented solution for window robot protection
Protective robot cover
Anti-infiltration robot cover

Window cover: Patented FST process

High-Pressure Deburring - Cold Forging - Polishing

Solution description

Housse socle + corps robot + poignet ventilée circuit fermé
Solution 43: Window cover + wrist joint cover.

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HP deburring FST solution (Chap 4-20)

The advantages of ASP

  • Wide variety of fabric types available based on window usage and size.
  • High tear resistance and flexibility of the cover inside the robot cabin.
  • Unique and innovative manufacturing of our standard FST window covers with adaptation for complex movements.
  • Optimal seal against dust, high-pressure spray-back, and other particles.
  • No formation of retention pockets on the cover.
  • Sealed rotating seals on axes 4 and 6 for optimal sealing.
  • Waterproof seams on the window cover and wrist joint cover.

ASP specialists determine the diagonals corresponding to all robot cycle movements, then design and manufacture the FST cover, which can be adapted on-site.

ASP window covers effectively resist lubricant splashes, abrasive chips, and high-pressure sprays, providing efficient insulation for the robot mechanics.

Your constraints:

  • Confined environment
  • Complex robot movements
  • High-pressure sprays in robot foundry

Process constraints