ABB protective robot cover for forging and die casting.
Protective cover for industrial robot resistant to sparks, fire, and heat.
Gray protective cover for foundry and forging.

Protective robot covers: Pressure die casting

Die casting

Solution description

Housse socle + corps robot + poignet ventilée circuit fermé
Solution 4: Robot body cover + skirt + wrist joint cover.

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Foundry (ch4-24)

The advantages of ASP

  • Our protective covers for foundry/forging/spot welding robots are manufactured with reinforced seams and can be quickly and easily repaired in the event of wear or damage.
  • Ideal protection against moisture, dirt, and lubricants.
  • Thermal protection for the robot: high resistance to extremely high temperatures in forges during the production process (200°C to 600°C, depending on the exposure time).
  • The covers are custom-made according to the equipment fitted on the robot and its trajectories.
  • The fabrics used are fire-rated M1.
  • Resistant to aluminum-brass-magnesium.
  • Oil-repellent.
  • Water-repellent.

ASP designs, develops, and manufactures protective covers for robots that meet the requirements of environments such as forges and foundries, where robots are exposed to not only high temperatures but also numerous particles, dirt, and potential sources of damage to the robot’s mechanics. The innovative fabric used in our protective covers for industrial robots used in forges, foundries, and general die coating, is particularly tear-resistant.

In the foundry sector, robots with high load capacity are used to move bins or manipulate cast parts. The decisive factor for high-quality protection in this field is the fabric’s resistance to temperature, which can range from 400°C to 1600°C. A fire resistance rating of M1 class is required for the protective cover in these situations.

Given that robust robots are used in this industrial sector, ABB, for example, utilizes the irb 2600/4600 or irb6700/7600 models, while Kuka employs the KR 180/250/420 or Fanuc’s M 900, for which we manufacture high-quality, custom-made protection. To protect the robot from damage caused by fire or steam during pressure casting work, a flame-retardant fabric must be used.

With our specially developed fabrics, Tiffon Green, Kardenac, and TKS-Alu, we can satisfy customer requirements with high-quality materials. As an option, we can incorporate a ventilation system to regulate the temperature inside the cover, allowing the robot to operate beyond temperature limits of 5°C and 45°C.

Your constraints:

  • Minimize downtime.
  • Prevent robot damage in the event of an accident during handling.
  • Protection against heat and contact with extremely high-temperature parts.
  • Resistance to radiant heat in foundries and forges.

Process constraints