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Industrial robot protection for polishing
Robot cover designed to withstand the surface treatment environment in industrial applications
particle protection for polishing robot

Protective cover for polishing robots

Sanding, surface treatment

Solution description

Housse socle + corps robot + poignet ventilée circuit fermé
Solution no. 4: Body cover fixed to axle 1 hoops + skirt + wrist joint

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The advantages of ASP

  • Damages result in high costs and may potentially lead to production downtime, which can be avoided through the use of high-quality protective covers for robots.
  • Cleaning and maintenance intervals are significantly reduced thanks to robot protection.
  • The robot itself remains clean, and the protective cover combination can easily be cleaned.
  • The customer benefits from easy installation, quick replacement options, and easy cleaning. Additionally, an attractive cost-to-value ratio makes ASP protective covers a wise choice.

The use of protective covers for robots during polishing, machining, and drilling helps to prevent costly repairs and reduce maintenance costs.

In industrial applications, polishing robots handle, for example, trim parts, and 6-axis robots from brands like KUKA and YASKAWA are used for this purpose. Since polish dust is particularly fine, the robot protection needs to be especially tight. During polishing processes, moisture can also be generated, which is why ASP’s protective covers for polishing also satisfy these requirements.

Thanks to our protective robot covers with welded seams, no moisture can penetrate.

In addition to KUKA and YASKAWA, other brands such as FANUC, STÄUBLI, or ABB are also used for robotic polishing. We also manufacture protective covers for robot models from these manufacturers, such as:

  • KUKA models KR 16, KR 60, KR 150
  • ABB IRB 4400
  • UR 10 (used for small parts)

When it comes to performing polishing operations, it is essential that the cover used is highly elastic and capable of following the axis movements quickly and precisely. Additionally, it must be impermeable to the smallest particles.

To ensure fast cycles and direction changes during polishing work, the robot must be adequately protected. This protection aims to prevent generally abrasive substances such as polishing compounds and chips from entering the robot’s joints and causing damage to the gears.

With decades of expertise, ASP has already developed covers suitable for most types of robots used in polishing applications. ASP also offers specific materials such as Telupro 22, Tortop B+, or TSB 13. Depending on the robot type and substances used, we can provide a custom cover with specific cutouts to match the robot’s movements.

ASP is here to assist you in developing a customized robotic protection solution that precisely meets the requirements of your application.

Your constraints:

  • Abrasive fluid and dust
  • Maintenance costs
  • Processes that damage the robot