Robot gripper protected by a green cover for welding.
CMC gripper protection aro
Automotive robot gripper protection
Welding robot gripper protection



Solution description

Housse socle + corps robot + poignet ventilée circuit fermé
CMC clip cover

The advantages of ASP

  • Customized protective covers for each type of gripper (X gripper, Z gripper, etc.). Thanks to the modular design of the protective cover, adaptation is quick and simple with cost savings due to partial replacement of the protective device.
  • Different types of fabrics used for optimal protection of each part of the welding gripper.
  • Highly resistant protective robot covers that are silicone-free, halogen-free, non-flammable, quickly mountable and removable, ideal for welding.
  • Access to the gripper preserved: for maintenance operations, the cover can be removed in a flash.
  • Integrated plastron in the cover: optimized protection on the side exposed to heavy spatter
  • With ASP’s CMC gripper cover, you can protect all your welding grippers with a limited number of low-cost items
  • Robot covers reduce maintenance costs for your robot welding grippers
  • Less downtime for protected robots and longer lifespan.

 Since 2016, ASP has supplied the CMC range for the protection of welding grippers in the automotive industry. The solution is patented, which means that CMC covers fit perfectly onto different ARO, FTS, DURING, OBARA, COMAU gripper shapes. The one-piece cover concept reduces fitting and removal times during maintenance operations.

For all types of grippers, ASP offers its adaptable cover solution as a replacement for casings. Flexibility, limited size, mechanical resistance, the TREXALIS and CARDEL gripper covers provide optimal protection for your equipment.

When welding car bodies or doors in the automotive industry, for example, it is important to protect not only the mobile welding robots but also the environment. Indeed, sparks that occur during welding can get lodged in the joints on the robots that feed parts on the line, block and soil the harnesses, and damage the robot surface.

Therefore, protective covers for robots in this field not only have great flexibility for sufficient freedom of movement, they are also particularly resistant, flame-retardant, silicone-free, and halogen-free.

The diversity and variety of welding processes have required the development of specific products. The technical fabrics used have special coatings that combine flexibility and resistance to weld spatter. Their aramid bases guarantee excellent mechanical resistance. Whether it’s arc welding, spot welding, laser welding, etc.… There is an ASP protection cover perfectly adapted to each process.

Your constraints:

  • Resistant to fire
  • Compatible with all types of clamps/pincers

Process constraints