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The advantages of ASP

  • Customized adaptation for all types of robots, whether they are older or the latest models.
  • Protective covers for teach pendants, cables, grippers, engraving heads, etc.
  • Vehicle privacy covers or partial protective covers for vehicles.
  • R&D department to meet the needs of new processes.
  • Worldwide on-site installation service.

ASP offers protective robot covers tailored to all robot brands, including ABB, FANUC, KUKA, YASKAWA, and other industrial robot manufacturers. With 35 years of experience, ASP has a comprehensive database of all types of robots. Based on this data, ASP can guarantee the precise and meticulous development of covers, providing your robots with both optimal protection and the ability to perform the required movements for the process.

In order to develop a suitable and optimized robot protection cover for you, we need certain information and technical data from you, such as the equipment fitted on your robots, flexible outputs, or the chemicals you use. This will allow us to select the appropriate fabric for your needs and effectively protect your robotic manipulators, articulated arms, etc., from heat, dust, and moisture.

If your robots are exposed to wear and tear (due to chemicals, particles, etc.), feel free to contact us. Our R&D department will work with you to develop an effective robot protection solution tailored to your needs.

ASP also offers protective covers for vehicles, grippers, welding torches, engraving heads, and teach pendants to preserve your equipment. Whatever your needs, contact ASP, and we will be delighted to work with you to find the right protection solution.

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