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Robots protected from infiltration
Protect robots with a TELUPRO 22 cover
Suspended robot guarding for machine service

Machine Servicing


Solution description

Housse socle + corps robot + poignet ventilée circuit fermé
Solution 4: Body cover fixed on axis 1 hoop + skirt + wrist joint.

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Machining / Cutting (ch4-17)

The advantages of ASP

  • Flexible and high-performance fabrics for mechanical / machining workshops.
  • Good resistance to lubricants and chips thanks to a selection of suitable technical fabrics.
  • Protected seams to prevent infiltration into the cover.
  • Customized cutting and assembly for optimal adaptation to robot cycles.
  • Repairable and washable fabrics for long-term use.
  • Fixation on axis 1 frame or directly on the robot casting in case of limited space.
  • Velcro and snap button openings for quick fitting and removal.

In this application field, heavy-duty robots are often used, such as ABB IRB 6600/7600, Kuka KR 180/250/420, Fanuc R2000 or M900, YASKAWA, KAWASAKI, among others. Our departments have gained extensive experience with these different models over the years.

Robot protection systems must withstand both chips and lubricants while being water and oil repellent.

ASP protective covers are designed in collaboration with the customer by our experienced technical designers and manufactured with state-of-the-art production equipment. With their precise fit and adaptation to specific robot cycles and work environments, ASP robot protection solutions offer extended service life and reduced maintenance costs.

ASP protective robot covers are easy to fit and remove, thereby minimizing downtime. Through on-site coordination with the customer and personalized consultation, we can develop the best possible solution for robot protection, for handling tasks, metal processing tasks, etc.

Depending on the robot cycles and their positions, an ASP protective cover can be adapted to cover the entire robot or only the exposed areas (wrist joint, axis 2, axis 3, etc.). The customized design guarantees maximum efficiency to protect your machinery.

Your constraints:

  • Dirty environments
  • High production rates
  • Maintenance costs
  • Infiltration into robot mechanics

Process constraints