The robot is protected by a blue ASP cover inside a cold chamber.
Robot protégée par une housse ASP bleu dans une chambre climatique

Cold chamber

Food industry, Process-handling

Solution description

Housse socle + corps robot + poignet ventilée circuit fermé
Solution 58C: Base cover + body + pressurized hot air wrist joint.

Interessed by our covers ?

The advantages of ASP

  • Quick and easy to clean, the robot cover can be cleaned directly on the robot using a foam cannon with cleaning products.
  • Protection for robots in the food industry, specifically in cold chambers, is made with watertight seams, making the covers highly resistant to cleaning products and chemical infiltration.
  • A fan coupled with a heating system helps maintain the robot at the required operating temperature in cold chambers.
  • Lower maintenance and servicing costs for industrial robots.
  • Reduced downtime for robots protected by our protective covers.
  • Protect your machine investment from wear and damage: ASP protective robot covers can be repaired in our workshops or with repair kits.
  • Once designed by our engineering department, the covers can be easily ordered for replacement, with each protection cover having its own reference code.

TEXPRAL B+, T1A, and FPB comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 1 – § 177.1600 requirements.

Protective covers for robots are commonly used in refrigerated environments in the food industry, such as ice cream factories or food storage facilities, where robot protection is particularly important due to exposure to temperatures that are unsuitable for their working environment. The protective robot cover meets the cleanliness standards required in the food industry.

Due to the sub-zero temperatures that can go down as low as -20°C in a cold chamber, ASP suggests using a thermal battery to maintain an acceptable temperature level under the robot’s protective cover. In general, the lower operating limit for a robot is +5°C.

Our protective covers for robots (articulated robots, palletizing robots, 6-axis robots, etc.) in cold chambers prevent bacteria from adhering and are resistant to common cleaning products. The covers are also designed for ventilation and can be inflated from the inside, preventing the formation of folds where dirt particles or bacteria could accumulate. Overall, a robot protection cover offers numerous advantages.

Your constraints:

  • Food processing
  • Cold chamber
  • Negative temperatures
  • Humidity

Process constraints