Robot protected by a cover in a factory.


Robot protected against explosive atmospheres


Fanuc yellow robot protection for explosive environment.


ATEX: Explosive atmospheres


Solution description

Housse socle + corps robot + poignet ventilée circuit fermé
Solution 58D : Base cover + robot body + pressurized wrist joint.

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ATEX Solution ( Chap 6-27)

The advantages of ASP

  • The cover complies with regulations for use in explosive atmospheres and can be adapted to an explosion-proof certified cabin (Zone 1 or 21).
  • The special fabric is antistatic and a copper wire inside the cover (conductive fabric compatible with groups II and III A, B, C) provides absolute electro-neutrality.
  • Maximum efficiency and flexibility without restricting the robot’s movements.
  • Cover with ventilation/pressurization option, which further optimizes the level of protection.
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs by permanently using robot protection covers: ASP can also repair your robot covers.

ATEX is the abbreviation for “Explosive Atmosphere”. The ATEX directive exists to regulate aspects of explosion protection in the European Union, with both an operational directive and a product directive. The ATEX-compliant robot cover is designed to prevent the ignition of potentially explosive and hazardous atmospheres.

As a manufacturer of protective covers for robots, ASP develops, invents and produces various technologies to provide optimum protection for industrial robots. The ATEX robot protective cover, which is made of TATEX fabric (polyester fabric coated on one side), is a high-tech protection solution made with special materials in accordance with the ATEX product directive 2014/34/UE.

ASP manufactures custom-made protective covers for all common robot brands (KUKA, FANUC, ABB, Yaskawa etc.) and protects industrial robots (articulated arm robots, palletizing robots, 6-axis robots, welding gun robots, etc.) in various application areas, environments, and industries. ATEX covers (or EX protection covers) are used, for example, in the automotive industry, metal processing, and paint application.

Your constraints:

  • Protection against explosions
  • Prevent ignition
  • Fire resistance
  • Moisture resistance, if needed, we can incorporate heat resistance for humid environments.

Process constraints