Mask Covid-19 : ASP is mobilised

When on the 17th of March, Pole Textile Alsace invited their members to participate in the production of masks, we immediately replied with a big “yes”.

Mask production : Challenge taken up !

A real cooperation has been set up with the Pôle Textile Alsace, to support the community. The Pôle proposed the model of the mask that had just been approved to reach the Afnor standards and brought together the raw materials. For our part, we have implemented the procedures published by the Pole Textile Alsace in order to respect the barrier gestures during the reception of the fabric, but also during assembly and packaging the production till the shipment. We had to be ready as soon as possible in order to protect our employees and to guarantee the best sanitary quality for the produced masks.
The ASP team showed great responsiveness when the company had to adapt itself to the lockdown by making staff working from home or on part-time. But the challenge is taken up! Since the first batch n ° 001, started on March 24, we have produced more than 27,000 masks! And each week, the production continues for the Pole Textile Alsace with 4,000 new masks.

Masks washable dozens of times, and recyclable!

It is our practice to use high quality fabrics and to respond to a client’s specific problems. We apply the same rule of conduct with these protective face masks: washable at more than 60 °, they are reusable several dozen times and fully recyclable at the end of their life! For non-sanitary use (category 2 masks), they are intended to protect professionals who are not in contact with the general public (work colleagues for example). They filter 84.9% of 3 micron particles and can be worn for 4 hours.


If you wish to order these masks of category 2 for your personnel, you will find the procedure to follow on the website of Pôle Textile Alsace.