New solution « Clim cover » by ASP

ASP does not fear heat or cold. . .

ASP, based in Eulmont in Lorraine, continuously devises new and innovative solutions, and has now developed a new accelerated ageing test for specific automotive equipment, with temperatures going down to -40 °C and up to + 90 °C. The “Clim Cover” solution is already installed on various sites in Germany, Slovakia, Mexico and France, and reinforces the company’s position as an international leader.

Depending on the manufacturer, the optimum operating temperature for an industrial robot varies between 5 °C and 50 °C. In certain tests on automotive equipment, such as dashboards or seats, the temperatures in the chambers are tested between -40 °C and + 90 °C. To avoid the impact of these thermal differences on robot operation, ASP proposes to maintain an optimal temperature between the cover and the robot with the “air conditioning solution”.

The ASP research and development department conceived and created a system that keeps the robot at a regulated operating temperature. The perfect definition of the air treatment system is achieved by taking into account several parameters: the temperature range in the chamber, the type and size of the robot, the time of use, the caloric adjustment of the motors, the length of the network inside and outside the chamber, as well as the number of bends in the network, together with the surface area of the fabric needed for the solution …

Combined with these precise calculations, the TSK-ALU multilayer complex, which guarantees a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, together with stainless steel / composite connecting parts, optimize the level of protection provided for robots from extreme temperatures.

In a few words, what is the “Clim” solution?

• The robot is installed with floor insulation using a low thermal coefficient plate
• Chamber temperature between -40 ° C and + 90 ° C
• The robot is wrapped from the base up to its 6th axis
• Static parts are made of stainless steel
• Dynamic parts are made from a material with low thermal conductivity
• The multilayer complex used is produced based on TKS-ALU
• The cover is made-to-measure